Why iDaP academy?

Innovative Programs, Infinite Possibilities

It all starts with our innovative programs. iDaP academy’s technology education programs are built on a framework that weaves the principles of Marketing, Design, and Development with the latest software and technology.

Our mission is to deliver a different kind of STEM education to the youth of the world. iDaP academy is STEAM powered (Science, Technology, Entrepreneurism, Art, and Media) to teach 21st century skills in fun and engaging ways.

From five year old learners - new to technology, to the high school student exploring potential college majors; there is a place for your child at iDaP academy. Most important, your child will develop a foundation of skills, that gives them a competitive advantage among their peers, and you will know they are safe, engaged in learning, and on a path to success.

There are numerous after school and summer camp programs available to you.We thank you for exploring iDaP academy.

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A Program Like You Have Never Experienced Before


All iDaP academy programs are built on a framework that weaves the three key principle courses with our state of the art technology labs. Summer Campus is more than just a computer camp. Our Campers build friendships and memories that last a lifetime while developing a foundation of skills that gives them a competitive advantage among their peers in an experiential learning environment.


Principles of Marketing:

These course elements illustrate the best-integrated marketing and promotion campaigns used around the world. Examples are chosen to reinforce ideas, theories, or practical applications of Marketing.

Principles of Design:

Successful design must have the three C’s (Concept, Components, and Composition). We cover everything from typography, color theory, to layout and copyright issues. These course elements will inspire you to new heights of creativity.

Principles of Interactive Development:

TThe elements in this course show you how to communicate successfully through interactivity. Design fundamentals are used as guidelines for interactive development for all platforms. Learn how to approach interactive development as a communication tool; while incorporating various media, user interfaces, and user experience principles to build a successful project.



Learn to code - Mobile Application Development.



Create a board game, and 3D print game pieces.

San Francisco


Movie Production - in front and behind the camera



Use Tynker, create your own Minecraft MOD


FortNite Tournament Camp

Tournament and Level Design Camp

San Francisco


Create LEGO robots and battle each other for supremacy


Mobile Application Development - MAD CAMP

Campers will use the latest technology and software to create an application or video game for mobile devices (i-Phone, Andriod phones, iPOD Touch, iPAD, Andriod tablets). Participants will be introduced to the rapid prototype development model and have the option of creating an app or game from scratch or use existing templates as inspiration. The choice is theirs. Use the latest technology and software to create an Application or Video Game for Mobile Devices.

Campers will take the first step in mobile application development to create a Super Mario Bros inspired platform game, incorporating new features into the world of Mario.
They will learn basic coding, character animation, and application layout and design.

Software Used in Camp:

  • GameSalad - 2D game designer
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • GarageBand - audio production
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First we will:

  • Develop a unique board game concept that you will play on Friday in our 3D Maker Camp
  • Develop a working prototype of the game concept
  • Design, using 3D design software, unique game pieces
  • Port the 3D designs to a Makerbot 3D printer to produce pieces in the designated color filament.

Software Used in Camp:

  • Tinkercad.com
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Text Edit

Campers will experiment with the principles of game design, graphic design of all game materials and game board, along with 3D game piece design.



This summer be part of the entire movie making process. Campers will be involved in and learn every aspect of movie and animation production.

VAMP (Video Animation Movie Production) Camp

Skills Learned:

  • Storyboarding and planning
  • Special Effects - green screen, makeup, post production
  • Animation and Graphic Design
  • Videography - Campers will be behind the camera and learn camera techniques and shoot all video for the production
  • Editing - video and audio editing to complete the movie in post production

Software Used in VAMP Camp:

  • iMovie - video editing
  • Adobe Animator - 2D animation
  • Adobe After Effects - motion graphics
  • Adobe Premiere - Chroma Key effects
  • GarageBand - audio production/sound effects

AMP (Animation Music Video Production) Camp

Campers will use several different software programs to create an animated music video incorporating the following:

  • 2D animations
  • 3D animations
  • Stop motion animations
  • Motion Graphics

Some of the Software Used in AMP Camp:

  • iMovie for stop-motion animation
  • Adobe Animator - 2D and 3D animation
  • Adobe After Effects - motion graphics
  • GarageBand - audio production

Minecraft Modification - MINE MOD CAMP

Welcome to Minecraft MOD CAMP!This camp will have you creating skins, blocks, mods, and more.

Set Up Minecraft Server

  • Create a Tynker account – Server included
  • Set up your server
  • Add friends to your server

Design and Code

  • Design custom skins
  • Build mods with the Mod Designer
  • Manage your mods
  • Publish and remix


To deploy Minecraft mods, skins, and resources made with in the iDaP Minecraft MOD Camp,you must have a Minecraft account that you have purchased from www.minecraft.net and you must have the classic Minecraft installed on your computer. Minecraft Pocket Edition, Windows 10 Edition, Xbox Edition are not supported in thismodification camp. Mods can only be created on the laptops, provided in the iDaP technology lab. Tablets are notsupported. Please do not bring tablets or phones to class.

Software Used in Camp:

  • Tynker.com

FortNite Tournament Camp

Experience the ultimate battle royal! Use your new skills to become the ultimate Battle Royale Player and e-Sports Champion.

Work your way through the brackets as a team while discovering gameplay strategies, and game mechanics. .

You'll also look under the hood at Epic’s Unreal game engine and learn the basics of level design.

Topics Covered and Principles Conveyed:

  • Intro to FortNite
  • Game Strategies, Game Mechanics
  • Principles of Level Design
  • e-Sports Tournament Management
  • e-Sports Commentary

Software Used in Camp:

  • FortNite Game - Unreal Game engine
  • MSWORD/Pages - game commentary, talking points
  • iMovie - Tournament production pieces
  • Twitch Streaming

LEGO Robotics

Create and program a Lego Robot and see if it can make it through the Gauntlet in the Olympic arena.

Campers will learn machine programming and the basics of robotics as they compete against other campers for robot victory.

Software and Tech Used in Camp:

  • Lego EV3 programmable brick
  • Lego EV3 Mindstorm core builder set
  • EV3 desktop programming tool


Places and Times for Summer Campus Programs.

There are several camp options available this summer (Specialty Day Camps). Summer Campus is more than just a computer camp. Our Campers build friendships and memories that last a lifetime while developing a foundation of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) skills that gives them a competitive advantage among their peers.

Summer Campus Day Camps are available at: City of Montgomery· Kids First· Dearfield Township· Mason Community Center· Miami Township· Mercaz


Half Day Camp Schedule


Inspire Innovation Everyday


Our interactive design application programming curriculum may inspire innovation, but without this key component, all those great ideas will stay locked away in the minds of the students forever.

It takes a special person to energize the mind, and inspire innovation. The kind of people we look for, as Instructors, and Curriculum Developers for our ACE and Summer Campus programs.

If you like working with young adults in an enriching, and technology focused environment; then iDaP academy is the place for you. Our company offers many benefits for the energetic, creative, and innovative members of our team.



Tech Gurus, Instructors, Interns, Facilitators.



Business Development, MKT. Research, Advertising.

San Francisco


Instructional Design, Curriculum Design and Development.


Teachers, Instructors, Tech Gurus

Our Classroom Instructors are college and industry professionals. They herald from various diverse backgrounds including Education, Marketing, Graphic Design and Information Technology.

Each team member is responsible for delivering the curriculum and managing the program participant teams (average of 10 participants per team). Program Consultants go through our extensive on-line and in-person training program throughout the year. The classroom environment is always changing. We make sure Instructors, Teachers, and Tech Gurus have the contemporary skills to stay ahead of the game and deliver the best experience to the young adults enrolled in iDaP academy.


Sales and Marketing - Revenue Generation

The team responsible for marketing our programs to school districts, municipalities, and recreation centers. They generate the revenue that enables the magic of STEAM to take place and keep us in business.

Our Sales and Marketing Superheroes make it happen through market research, contract negotiation and tireless hours of account management.


Instructional Design, Curriculum Development

Our Program Development Staff are unmitigated professionals that know the ins and outs of the software programs and curriculum used in our ACE and Summer Campus programs.

Instructional Design analyze the needs of our students, recommend software tools and design a system for our programs to succeed. Then our curriculum design and development team, works with our Strategic Partners to guarantee our programs get produced and delivered.